martes, 15 de marzo de 2011

To Live Ecologically

To care for the planet, to breathe, to drink, to have a future, to live.....

Modifying some conducts of your daily life you can realize a deep change in your quality of life and in the health of the planet. To take an ecological life can cure several diseases and harmonize both your body and your environment.

" Good to live " invites us not to consume any more than the ecosystem can support, to avoiding the production of residues that we cannot absorb safely and incites us to re-use and recycle everything what we have used. It will be a recyclable and frugal consumption. Then there will no be shortage.

It takes care of your planet

My Favorite Supermarket

I like this supermarket because can found everything that I need for my house, like my favorite food, for example, In the Seafood there are fish and shrimp that i like so much. 

Other things like cheese, milk, eggs, yogurt in the Dairy section. Also in the Produce Section there are vegetales and fresh fruit all the time like apples, oranges, bananas. 

He likes my family To buy there

Around the world

Now imgoing to talk about my favorite city. 

I would like to go to BARRANQUILLA CITY, there are alot of shops, and I like to go shopping, there, the cost of life is very expensive but everybody has to deal with that. The transportation is really really good, because the city is full of taxies.

There's alot of crime, as all the cities, but is controlated by the police. The weather is very cold and sometimes is a little warm. There's alot of pollution because of the cars and there's alot of traffic. 
I love Barranquilla because is one of the places where you can find what you are looking for :) and you can have fun there.

Unit 3, What do we need?

Damilson: Hey what are you doing? 

Oledys: I'm making a shopping list for tonight ice cream.
Damilson: I had forgotten. Let's see, we need some milk, buy one liter.

Oledys: Okay, five lemons, grapes, strawberry and vanilla extract.

Damison: We also need heavy cream and white sugar. 

Oledys: And what about eggs?

Damilson: I almost forget i need two eggs.

Oledys: Okay, I'm going to the store. See you later.

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.

My Neighborhood....

I'm going to talk about the place where I live...

I live in Maracaibo, more specifically on north zone of this city!!  My home is located on corner of Delicia's avenide and street 55, front to Delicia's Norte Mall. Around my neighborhood there are supermarkets, banks, pharmacies, hair salon, bakeries, URBE, and more places interesting.

martes, 8 de febrero de 2011

Firework Katty Perry

I think It is so great how Katy Perry does all this crazy fireworks coming out from her body, I liked the video because It’s full of especial effects very well synchronized with the lyrics and with what’s going on at the moment they show. I loved Katy Perry herself, she is amazing.

There’s a time when she sang “You don't have to feel like a waste of space, you're original, cannot be replaced”, good message. The whole song is about self-esteem, It’s about how we can find the power to keep going and make every day better that the last one, we have to look inside for that firework ready to blow, that’s the key to cheer us up.

Descripcion My friends

Her name's Oledys Morales. She's from Ciudad Ojeda, Venezuela. She's 19 years old.
She's a student in URBE in Law School. She's speaks Spanish and a little English. She wants to pass the level and learn a new language.
She likes traveling and listening to music, her e-mail address is

She has average weight. She's about 1,65 centimeters. She has long, straight, dark brown hair. She has dark brown eyes. She's very beatifull and very good friends.